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Select Publications

  • Carter Andrews, D. J., & Tuitt, F. A. (Eds.) (2013). Contesting the myth of a 'post racial era:' The continued significance of race in U. S. education. New York: Peter Lang Publishing, Inc.

  • Carter, D. J., Flores, S., & Reddick, R. (Eds.). (2004). Legacies of Brown: Multiracial equity in American education. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Education Publishing Group.

Journal Articles (Refereed)

  • Carter, D. J. (2008). Achievement as resistance: The development of a critical race achievement ideology among Black achievers. Harvard Educational Review, 78(3), 466-497.

  • Carter Andrews, D. J. (2012). Black achievers’ experiences with racial spotlighting and ignoring in a predominantly White high school. Teachers College Record, 114(10), 1-46.

  • Carter Andrews, D. J., & Donaldson, M. L. (2009). Commitment and retention of teachers in urban schools: Exploring the role and influence of urban-focused preservice programs: Introduction to this special issue. Equity & Excellence in Education, 42(3), 249-254.

Book Chapters (Refereed)
  • Carter, D. J. (2008). On spotlighting and ignoring racial group members in the classroom. In M. Pollock (Ed.), Everyday antiracism: Concrete ways to successfully navigate the relevance of race in school (pp. 230-234). New York, NY: The New Press.

  • Carter Andrews, D. J., & Tuitt, F. (2013). Racism as the environmental hazard in educational spaces: An overview and introduction. In D. J. Carter Andrews and F. Tuitt (Eds.), Contesting the myth of a ‘post racial’ era: The continued significance of race in U. S. education. New York: Peter Lang.

  • Carter Andrews, D. J. (in press). Black males in middle school: Third class citizens in a first class society. In J. Luke Wood, T. Kenyatta Jones, and S. Harper (Eds.), African American males in education: Considerations throughout the P-20 pipeline.

  • Roberts, T., & Carter Andrews, D. J. (2013). A critical race analysis of the gaslighting of African American teachers: Considerations for recruitment and retention. In D. J. Carter Andrews and F. Tuitt (Eds.), Contesting the myth of a post racial era: The continued significance of race in U.S. education. New York: Peter Lang Publishing, Inc.

Book Reviews
  • Carter, D. (2004). Review of the book Black American students in an affluent suburb: A study of academic disengagement, by John U. Ogbu, Harvard Educational Review, 74(4), 440-453.

  • Carter Andrews, D. J., & Dimeglio, R. (August, 2010). Enhancing the school success of boys of color PreK-3 through professional learning communities. Prepared for the Promoting Academic Success Project, Lansing, MI.

  • Carter Andrews, D. J., Brown, A., & Dimeglio, R. (March, 2010). Closing the achievement gap in East Lansing Public Schools: A focus on African American student achievement patterns – An 18-month review of the Achievement Gap Project. Submitted to the Superintendent’s Office, East Lansing Public Schools, East Lansing, MI.

  • Tuitt, F., Carter Andrews, D. J., Howard, L., & Rodriguez, L. (December, 2008). Organizational assessment of the Jordan Fundamentals Teacher Innovation Grant Program. Prepared for Jordan Fundamentals.

  • Tuitt, F., Howard, L., Carter Andrews, D. J., & Rodriguez, L. (August, 2010). Go Smart! Evaluation Report. Prepared for the National Head Start Association.