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Dorinda J. Carter Andrews, Ed.D.Associate Professor, Department of Teacher Education
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On Sabbatical May 16, 2013 through August 14, 2014

Contact Information
Michigan State University
Department of Teacher Education
620 Farm Lane, 358 Erickson Hall
East Lansing, MI 48824

phone: 517-432-2070
fax: 571-432-5092

Research Interests

My long-term interests as a teacher, scholar, and citizen focus on race and equity in education. I study black student identity and achievement in suburban and urban contexts, urban teacher preparation, and critical race praxis with K-12 educators. In my professional roles at MSU, I participate in and contribute to a range of scholarly conversations about and projects related to these topics. My professional activities and accomplishments address these topics and mutually inform one another across my scholarship, teaching, and service.

Since arriving at Michigan State in August 2005 as a faculty member in the Department of Teacher Education, I have been pursuing three interrelated ideas through my scholarship, teaching, and research. All three highlight the sociocultural and sociopolitical nature of teaching and learning through a critical examination of race and racism in education. The first strand focuses on the schooling experiences of high-achieving African American students in suburban and urban schools. This line of inquiry also examines school culture and climate as a factor in shaping these students’ school behaviors and academic outcomes. The second line of research focuses on the preparation of teacher candidates for urban schools. My third line of research has developed more recently, with studies that consider teachers’ examination of how race and racism shape their pedagogy, classroom practices, and relationships with culturally diverse students. Questions related to these three interrelated strands include: (1) What individual, institutional, and environmental factors contribute to African American students’ development and maintenance of racial and achievement identities for school success in suburban and urban school contexts?; (2) What role do teacher preparation programs play in preparing educators for effectively teaching racial minority students?; (3) What role can professional development play in developing critical pedagogies and practices in teachers that affirm students’ racial/ethnic identities and foster their school success? While African American students are my primary focus, my scholarship, teaching, and service has implications for enhancing the learning environment for many students of color. Investigating these and related issues, allows me to contribute new knowledge and conceptual tools to the work of K-12 teachers and administrators, and researchers across disciplines.

Areas of Expertise:
  • Black student achievement
  • Urban education
  • Teacher Education
  • Diverse Learners and Educational Equity
  • Critical Studies in Education
  • Critical Race Theory
  • Racial Identity Development